Newsletter November 2017

Up Coming Event – Spit Braai Residents End of Year Get-Together
November 13, 2017
Cautionary Advice – Air B&B In The Sectional Title Scheme Environment
November 13, 2017
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Newsletter November 2017

Dear Homeowners & Residents

As we count down towards the year end and approach the new year, Dennegeur Executive Committee would like to welcome all new residents into the Estate wishing them a safe, happy and tranquil country living experience and update Owner’s and Residents on Estate News & what can be expected in 2018 !

All empty plots have now or are in the process of being developed and will be complete by 2018. This brings relief and good news from our Security point of view and will see an end of trucks, diggers & concrete mixers driving into the Estate.


Security was discussed at length at the AGM. A biometrics system will be introduced in the New Year, with installation of cameras throughout the Estate. The perimeter wall will be upgraded from ground level, to prevent any possible entry underneath the wall, specifically where areas are showing signs of soil erosion. We are fortunate in that another year has passed and we being one of the few Residential Estates with no reported cases of crime or incidents. Residents are however, reminded to be extra vigilant when entering the Estate or allowing deliveries or contractors to their residence.

Be alert at all times Important Contacts: Estate Manager 082 921 2859 | Security Gate 021 851 8634 | Vetus Schola 021 859 9009


Micsam have received notification from ADDSURE Insurance cautioning Homeowners on operating Airbnb’s & the occupancy risks. We attach the letter for your attention. Owners are reminded in accordance with the HOA Constitution Airbnb’s are not permitted. Further any owner not occupying their residence or renting their property to a third party must notify Micsam to ensure the occupier is in possession of the HOA Constitituation & Dennegeur House Rules which must be adhered to during their occupancy.

It is advisable when having House or Pet Sitters staying in your home or making calls to your residence, during your absence, to notify the Estate Manager the name of the person, in order to advise the Security Guard accordingly. This is in your best interest, random security checks may be carried out at any time and remotes checked; this is in keeping with Security & Safety procedures.

Refuse & Recycling Recycling & Waste Conscious

We continue to encourage residents with recycling in this worthy project, creating an environmentally-friendly culture and sustainable City for the future. Please remember to ensure recycled clear bags are tightly secured as we enter our windy months. Replacement clear bags dropped off and tied to trees, lamp posts and gates for the following week’s collection must be removed soon after Thursday collection.

Residents are asked not to leave Black Bags next to the Refuse Bin; all bags must be placed inside the Bin. The Refuse collectors will not lift or pick-up bags left outside the bins. Bags must be placed IN the bin for pick-up on a Thursday, even if the lid does not close properly. Bins must be wheeled back into your yard by the Weekend.

Water Restrictions

We are all aware of the strict water restrictions now on Level 5. A reminder no hosing down of paving or driveways, NO TOPPING UP OF POOLS WITH POTABLE WATER. However, your garden area should remain neat; grass verges kept trimmed or replaced with stone. We are encouraged to plant water wise & indigenous plants, it’s going to be a long hot dry summer.

It is encouraging to see so many residents harvesting rain and grey water and everyone doing their bit. Water Complaints should be addressed with The Estate Manager or City of Cape Town Water Department 0860 103 089

Barking Dogs

Complaints are often received by Micsam and the Security Guards about barking or howling dogs. When dogs are left on their own, pet owners should ensure they are left in such a way that they will not cause a disturbance to fellow residents. At the AGM it was suggested rather approach your Neighbour in a friendly manner and inform them of their dogs behaviour, most times they are unaware and will  correct the problem.

Paws  & Claws  – Holiday Period

With the holiday season upon us, residents are reminded not to leave their pets unsupervised during this period. It is not fair on your animals or neighnbours, often causing unnecessary stress on all parties. It’s advisable to inform your neighbours if going away, in the event of a pet-carer neglecting their duties, or a pet escaping out your yard. Majority of complaints received over holiday periods, are pet related.

Collars and name tags PLEASE !

Walking / Roaming Dogs

Residents are often confronted with piles of defecated material on their lawn or when taking a walk through the Estate. Pet Owners are asked to have the courtesy to remove the mess and place in a bag, especially around the Children’s play area, where often the problem occurs. Please do  keep  walking your dogs, we love to see them, but “If Your dog poops, please scoop”

Speeding on Bizweni & Boskloof Road

With the increase in volume of traffic over the years Speeding on Bizweni & Boskloof Drive has resulted in Residents raising concerns at the AGM. The City of Cape Town has been approached again, regarding the possibility of speed bumps.  We have spoken with COCT over the years without much success and can only keep pursuing the matter in the hope our request will be reviewed or considered.

Dennegeur Estate Website

Our Website is finally up and running again:

We welcome news, photographs or Information you would like to share with the Estate, which may be of interest!

Contact Micsam for approval of material and posting. No “naming or shaming” or complaints, the site is only for matters of interest and enjoyment. Our Newsletter will be posted on the site and news as received, so be sure to keep checking!

Complimentary Sunday Times

Pam Golding has generously offered a free weekly Sunday Times drop off at the Security Gate. Please feel free to pick up your copy.

In closing we would like to thank residents for their contribution in keeping our Estate neat and tidy and appreciate your help in bringing issues of concern to our attention and forwarding suggestions for improving our Estate.

Wishing all Home Owners & Residents a Happy, Safe Holiday Season and a New Year filled with Peace, Happiness, Good Health & Harmony.

 Hazel –  For and behalf of the Executive Committee